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Dental Implants Treatment in Linden NJ

A missing tooth can lead to many oral problems. If front teeth are missing, speech and esthetics of the smile are affected. Food lodgment, movement of nearby teeth and problems with chewing food can gradually deteriorate oral health. Dental implants are one of the finest tooth restoration options we offer at our dental office. Dental implant surgery performed at our Linden NJ dental office is a safe, effective and painless procedure.

Teeth replacement with dental implants is your second chance to own a beautiful natural-looking smile. Our Center of Dental Services is led by a team of experienced dental professionals who dedicate their time to the improvement of community oral health.

Problems caused by a missing tooth

Tooth loss may be due to severe decay, gum infection or trauma. Tooth loss can reduce chewing efficiency and increase food lodgment. Tooth loss predisposes a person to gum disease and teeth infection. Furthermore, the teeth nearby tend to move towards the empty-space because of the imbalance in the dentition. If many teeth are missing the jaw bone starts to shrink because of lack of stimulation it receives from the tooth roots.

Dental Implants Treatment Process

Dental implants replace lost teeth roots. They are made of titanium or Zirconia. The implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone and a dental crown is fixed over them. The dental implants treatment starts with a thorough examination of the oral cavity. The dentist checks for signs of gum diseases. X-rays are taken to see if the jaw bone is healthy. The bone should have enough volume to hold the implant. A treatment plan is set based on the findings.

The process usually takes place in two steps. The first stage involves the placement of the dental implant in the jaw bone. This is done in the presence of a local anesthetic. A small incision is made in the gums and drills are used to make a recess in the jaw bone. The implant is then carefully torqued in position. After the placement, the implant is left to heal for a few months. The process of Osseointegration ensures that the implant finely integrates with the jaw bone. Our dentist takes impressions of the implant position with the help of an impression post to fabricate a customized abutment and crown in the lab. The next visit with a dentist in Linden NJ involves fixing the abutment and the dental crown over the implant.

Cost of Dental Implant

Dental implant cost varies depending on the geographical location, the experience of the dental professional, the patient’s candidacy and the dental material used. In most cases dental insurances don’t cover implants, so be sure to know what is covered and what isn’t. We offer free dental consultation where you can know if you are the right candidate for the procedure, the estimated cost and the time required before you take the treatment. Don’t hesitate to ask us about financial plans, discount plans, and any guide to care before, during and after dental implant restoration.

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